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Be sure to use lubricant without regret for any penetration – with a finger, a toy or a penis. There is no natural lubrication in the rectum, unlike in the vagina, and if you don’t give a damn about discomfort, then those very internal injuries are definitely not needed by anyone. Apply the lubricant to […]

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Protect yourself. In this way, of course, you will not get pregnant, but STDs have not been canceled. The receiving party is especially at risk, because possible microtraumas inside cannot be tracked. There is another very practical feature in condoms: if you want to continue in other ways, you do not have to send your […]

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Do not try to “develop anus” and do not give to others. What is called the developed anus is actually micro tears in the sphincter, which prevent it from performing its functions, namely, opening / closing as needed. There is a myth among the people about a trained feed, whose elastic hole can be taught […]

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However, the very first approaches to anal play can be started without a man at all. Take anal beads for beginners – this is a chain of gradually increasing balls, choose silicone and solid ones. Sequence of actions: relax, one ball inward, relax, another ball, relax, slowly pull the beads outward, enjoying the sensations, repeat […]

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By the way, there are two sphincters there – a surprise! One of them is external, which we feel when we restrain understandable urges, for example. The other is inside and is easy to grope (try it yourself). Actually, it is he who organizes the pain and discomfort, even if the external sphincter is completely […]

Tina – ass or big ass + porno anal

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The next step is fingers. Do not let us immediately shove even one whole in ourselves, nothing pleasant will happen. Firstly, the main part of the nerve endings is located at the exit and, in order to awaken the desire, it is necessary to work with them. Secondly, any sharpness will discourage any interest in […]

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Start your first experiences with a long, relaxing foreplay. Rimming (oral-anal sex) is loved by many, especially if it is accompanied by warming rhythmic exhalations of the partner right there. The back door has a lot of nerve endings, and it is not difficult to create pleasant sensations. Just keep in mind that this type […]

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Categories of men who are dangerous to let up to their butts for peace of mind and physical health: those who refuse to do the same on themselves (“hey-hey-hey, I’m a normal man”), trying to stick it without preliminary discussion (“yes lan li “), requiring shows according to porn standards (” what do you dislike […]

Tina – ass or big ass + anal

Refuse without regrets if something doesn’t suit you. You are hurt, scared, bored, or you just do not want to have anal sex – at all or right now – you are not obliged to explain and even more to give weighty arguments for the other side. No – that’s no, whoever does not understand […]

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Female orgasm is a rather mysterious thing - a lot of it is still unclear. However, for many years, scientists have managed to understand this through theoretical and, hopefully, practical research. Find out if you're still under prejudice!

ANAL SEX CAN BE BOTH CLASSIC AND NIGHTMARE – the result depends solely on the knowledge and preparedness of the partners. Take the process into your own hands and follow the guide of 20 helpful tips for women as a host (we’ll tell you about the other options another time). Hqporner – anal – assoass […]