Common complaints One of the first signs is a feeling of discomfort in the anal area, pain and bleeding during bowel movements, jelly-like mucous discharge, a feeling of a foreign body in the rectum, itching, burning, etc.

IMPORTANT! These complaints are typical not only for hemorrhoids. Exactly the same signs may indicate other problems in the rectum - cracks, polyps, malignant tumors, etc. If such manifestations are observed, then you should definitely visit a proctologist.

Stages of development of hemorrhoids: At the very beginning of development, hemorrhoids may not even be noticed, since they begin to form in the inner part of the rectum. In the second stage of development, hemorrhoids slip out during bowel movements, but they themselves come back. There may be slight discharge, itching, etc. In the third stage, a hemorrhoid appears not only during bowel movements, but also during any physical activity, for example, when lifting weights. At this stage of development, hemorrhoids do not return back to the rectum and can only be returned with a finger. At this stage, they cause inflammation, bleeding, pain. At the fourth stage of development, hemorrhoids are constantly outside and it is no longer possible to refill them. They cause pain, regular bleeding, and a host of other unpleasant problems.

For information: This division into stages is rather arbitrary, since, often, hemorrhoids already at the initial stage can appear from the outside and there are no internal nodes. Also, the symptoms can be very different. For example, sometimes there are very pronounced external nodes, but there is no bleeding. In this case, they are rather a cosmetic defect that complicates hygiene. Conversely, there may be small internal nodules that cause noticeable bleeding.

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