Hemorrhoid cream

Do ointments, creams, and other medicines work for hemorrhoids? Many people, faced with such a delicate disease as hemorrhoids, experience a feeling of shame and fear, are afraid to go to the doctor - proctologist and prefer to use ointments, creams, suppositories, gels and other drugs that friends advise them to get rid of the disease. pharmacists in a pharmacy or who advertise in the Mass Media.

The therapeutic effect of these drugs, as a rule, occurs for a short period. But such treatment does not solve the main problem: the causes of hemorrhoids do not disappear, but are only disguised. Moreover, the focus of the disease, while the external symptoms are removed,

Suppositories, ointments and gels are a common home remedy for hemorrhoids. They are inexpensive, and at first glance they effectively cope with the manifestations of hemorrhoids. Ointment and cream differ from each other in the basis. The ointment is made on the basis of 100% fat. The base of the cream is an aqueous emulsion containing about 50% fat. The cream is quickly absorbed, quickly relieves the unpleasant symptoms of hemorrhoids. Gel is a water-based dosage form, does not contain fats, is easily absorbed and dries up. The activity of gels and creams is higher than that of ointments. Gels are more physiological, are absorbed faster, have a drying and bactericidal effect. They are more suitable for the treatment of weeping wounds, ointments - for softening scaly wounds.

Advantages of ointments, creams and gels in the treatment of hemorrhoids: medications reduce inflammation quickly enough; ointments, creams or gels eliminate swelling and congestion; thanks to medications, the elasticity of the vascular walls is restored and the tone of the rectum is restored; cosmetic effect; cracks in the anus soften.

All of the above advantages of drugs in the treatment of hemorrhoids at home - remove the external manifestations of hemorrhoids without eliminating the cause and do not diagnose the factors leading to hemorrhoids. In the meantime, the causes of the appearance and development of hemorrhoids can be very different - up to oncological formations in the rectum. Therefore, at the first unpleasant sensations in the rectum, it is necessary to consult a professional doctor - proctologist at One Clinic to carry out a full proctological examination and proceed to the treatment prescribed by the doctor.

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Hemorrhoid treatment at home How are hemorrhoids ointments, gels and creams treated? All ointments and creams are composed of many components; a positive effect in the treatment of hemorrhoids is achieved by a combination of several components that enhance each other's action.