It is not customary to speak loudly about this problem, but the emerging discomfort significantly affects the quality of life, so we invite you to pay attention to the problems of the delicate zone - hemorrhoids.

FACTS: Hemorrhoids, literally translating from Greek haima - blood, rheo - current, means bleeding. Hemorrhoids are considered a disease of civilization. Sedentary workers have a particularly high risk of getting sick - it is not for nothing that it is called the disease of drivers, intellectuals and office workers. Statistics show that the problem of hemorrhoids is more related to men, however, in general, at different periods of life, this problem worries about 50% of people and even children. Rectal cancer can be hidden behind the symptoms of hemorrhoids. Unfortunately, the incidence of this disease remains consistently high with a tendency to increase

In the lower part of the rectum are tissue pads with good blood supply, which have their own specific function. If, for any reason, the blood vessels in the rectum expand, then there is a bulging or falling out, like a knot. This is called hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids can be both internal and external. External nodes that form on the outside of the anus usually do not go unnoticed. But you can not even guess about the existence of internal hemorrhoids in the rectum. Specific symptoms indicate their appearance or are detected by a doctor during a colonoscopy or proctological examinations.

Common complaints One of the first signs is a feeling of discomfort in the anal area, pain and bleeding during bowel movements, jelly-like mucous discharge, a feeling of a foreign body in the rectum, itching, burning, etc.

IMPORTANT! These complaints are typical not only for hemorrhoids. Exactly the same signs may indicate other problems in the rectum - cracks, polyps, malignant tumors, etc. If such manifestations are observed, then you should definitely visit a proctologist.

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