Removal of hemorrhoids Hemorrhoidectomy is an operation to remove hemorrhoids. Such an intervention is carried out for internal hemorrhoids of stages 3 and 4, in the presence of pronounced combined hemorrhoids, which are hardly adjusted or not adjusted at all. Surgical removal of hemorrhoids is performed if conservative therapy is ineffective and minimally invasive techniques are not suitable.

More about the operation Removal of hemorrhoids is a radical way to treat hemorrhoids. There are different options for such an intervention, but the essence of the technique is the same - excision of pathologically altered tissues. Hemorrhoidectomy is the gold standard in the treatment of hemorrhoids. An ultrasonic scalpel, electric and radio wave surgery, modern staplers have reduced the trauma of the operation, leading to a speedy recovery and minimal postoperative discomfort. In our clinic, such a surgical intervention is also performed using a laser, which can simultaneously remove, cut and solder blood vessels, thus avoiding rectal bleeding. The laser coagulation method makes the procedure completely bloodless, and the patient's recovery is easy.

Classic hemorrhoidectomy is represented by the following techniques: with suturing the wound - Ferguson-Hilton operation; without suturing the wounds of the rectal canal - Milligan-Morgan operation; submucosal excision of hemorrhoids - Parks operation; transanal resection of the rectal mucosa - Longo's operation. With such interventions, wound healing, rehabilitation and restoration of working capacity take 4–5 weeks. At the same time, the absolute radicality of hemorrhoidectomy remains.

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Removal of hemorrhoids with laser Laser hemorrhoidectomy is a minimally invasive operation, which is based on the ability of a high-frequency laser beam to coagulate hemorrhoids without injuring the surrounding healthy tissue. Due to the ability to adjust the parameters of laser radiation, the treatment of pathologically enlarged hemorrhoids is painless even in complicated cases. Depending on the stage of the disease, the following intervention options are used for hemorrhoidectomy

HeLP method - is used for hemorrhoids stage 1-2, not accompanied by prolapse of hemorrhoids. The surgeon, using a Doppler probe, detects a painfully enlarged blood vessel located above the hemorrhoid and cauterizes it with laser radiation. The arterio-venous flow stops, causing further disappearance of the node. The LHP method - laser hemorrhoidoplasty, is used for stage 3-4 hemorrhoids, providing a reduction in hemorrhoids (circular, segmental). The surgeon inserts a laser instrument directly into the hemorrhoid and shrinks it from the inside. As a result of the procedure, the walls of the node collapse and are soon replaced by new connective tissue.