Hemorrhoids cure

It is not customary to speak loudly about this problem, but the emerging discomfort significantly affects the quality of life, so we invite you to pay attention to the problems of the delicate zone - hemorrhoids.

FACTS: Hemorrhoids, literally translating from Greek haima - blood, rheo - current, means bleeding. Hemorrhoids are considered a disease of civilization. Sedentary workers have a particularly high risk of getting sick - it is not for nothing that it is called the disease of drivers, intellectuals and office workers. Statistics show that the problem of hemorrhoids is more related to men, however, in general, at different periods of life, this problem worries about 50% of people and even children. Rectal cancer can be hidden behind the symptoms of hemorrhoids. Unfortunately, the incidence of this disease remains consistently high with a tendency to increase

The best recipes Good folk remedies for external hemorrhoids in men and women can be made by hand. Softening candles. 2 tbsp is melted in a water bath. l. unsalted lard and 1 tbsp. l. propolis. 1 tbsp is added to the mixture. l. liquid honey. The composition is poured into molds from commercial suppositories and placed in the refrigerator. Candles are inserted in the morning and in the evening, they soften the skin well, heal internal injuries, and have a slight laxative effect.

Potato suppositories. A good folk remedy for hemorrhoids is candles cut from raw potatoes. A torpedo-shaped product is cut out of a fresh tuber with a knife, the tip is slightly rounded. Before use, the tip of the candle is lubricated with glycerin or liquid honey, after which it is inserted into the anus for 2-3 hours. The procedure relieves unpleasant sensations, soothes, helps to reduce painful nodes.

Venotonic decoction. A decoction of horse chestnut seeds will help to strengthen the vascular walls and reduce the size of the nodes. 1 tbsp. l. raw materials are poured with a glass of boiling water, heated in a water bath for 7 minutes, insisted and filtered. The broth should be drunk before meals for 1/3 cup. Treatment with folk remedies lasts 2-3 weeks, then you can take a short break.

Treatment of hemorrhoids in pregnant women During pregnancy, you should not abuse herbal decoctions, it is better to give preference to baths, lotions and ointments. Folk remedies for the treatment of external hemorrhoids in women should be sparing, before starting home therapy, it is better to consult a doctor.

Cooling compresses. Appliques from grated raw potatoes are capable of removing external hemorrhoids. A fresh tuber is rubbed, laid out on a piece of cloth and pressed tightly to the anus, covered with parchment paper or film. The procedure lasts 30-40 minutes and helps to get rid of swelling, burning, pain.

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Cool lotions. To relieve pain, burning and itching will help lotions from a decoction of chamomile, calendula, eucalyptus. A handful of raw materials are poured with 1 glass of boiling water and insisted under the lid until cooled. A gauze swab is dipped into the strained infusion and applied to the protruding nodes. The procedure is best done before bedtime.

Treatment of external hemorrhoids at home should be supplemented with exercises that strengthen the sphincter muscles. Popular Kegel gymnastics, which improves the tone of the muscles of the perineum, simple yoga asanas, and breathing practices will do.