It is not customary to speak loudly about this problem, but the emerging discomfort significantly affects the quality of life, so we invite you to pay attention to the problems of the delicate zone - hemorrhoids.

Are there any strict contraindications for anal sex with hemorrhoids? You can not engage in anal sex with hemorrhoids! Moreover, in principle, I would not recommend anyone to do it. In modern parlance, from a physiological point of view, this is tantamount to hammering nails with an iPhone. To interfere in this way in the work of the rectum is too big a risk. And he does not justify himself.

For men with prostatitis, prostate massage is often prescribed, which is performed through the rectum. Is it possible to carry out this procedure for hemorrhoids? Everything is strictly individual. You need to know the specific patient, his case, the stage of development of hemorrhoids, as well as the balance of benefits and risks. I would say that such issues should be addressed by the attending proctologist. Only he can thoroughly assess the risks. As a rule, with uncomplicated forms of hemorrhoids, at the first or second stage of the disease, there are no problems with carrying out such procedures.

Hemorrhoids only affect retirees Alas, people in different age categories are susceptible to this disease. Today you can even meet at a proctologist's reception even young people of 16-18 years old. 2/3 of all cases of hemorrhoids are middle-aged people, professionally active. The disease finds weak points in men and women. Hard work, stress, extreme stress during pregnancy, childbirth, professional sports, physical inactivity, eating disorders and constipation. Hemorrhoids are a disease that can affect anyone.

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Each of us has hemorrhoids from birth. Under unfavorable conditions, they increase, distal displacement, bleeding opens. In the absence of treatment, the nodes begin to fall out of the anal canal even with minimal stress - going to the toilet, coughing, while walking.

Hemorrhoids can go away on their own. He is not life-threatening, no one died from him If you ignore the problem, it will resolve itself. Yes, hemorrhoids do not provoke the development of oncology, but they will not go anywhere in the absence of proper treatment. People mistakenly think that a chronic disease in the form of hemorrhoids is safe and relaxed. When exacerbated, hemorrhoids can seriously compromise the quality of life and cause problems at work and in personal life. In the later stages, the disease turns into a real problem, which cannot be completely solved even surgically.