Hemorrhoids symptoms

What is hemorrhoids in women Hemorrhoids are abnormal enlargement of hemorrhoids located in the rectum. These nodes represent the plexus of blood vessels. Due to a violation of the outflow of blood from the hemorrhoidal vascular plexuses, these nodes overflow, and the ligaments holding the nodes in place are weakened. Today hemorrhoids in women is one of the most common diseases and the most common reason for visiting a coloproctologist

Causes of hemorrhoids in women The modern pace of life, according to doctors, is conducive to the development of hemorrhoids. The fact is that today people spend most of the day sitting at a computer or driving a car. Such a pastime provokes stagnation of blood circulation in the rectum, and this is one of the main causes of hemorrhoids.

In addition to a sedentary lifestyle, hemorrhoids in women can cause: snacks and dry food on the run, which many of us sin while working in the office; chronic constipation; abuse of spicy food and alcohol; strong physical activity, for example, in the gym; pregnancy and childbirth; age-related changes. Do not discount heredity. Often hemorrhoids are a consequence of the pathology of the development of connective tissue. If it is too weak, and the pressure in the hemorrhoids is large, then cracks and protrusions may appear in the thinned vessel wall.

Symptoms of hemorrhoids in women At the initial stages, a woman may not notice the symptoms of hemorrhoids. This ailment is not accompanied by severe pain (unless the illness has gone too far). According to coloproctologists, even discomfort when visiting the toilet is not observed in all patients.

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None of the symptoms are specific for hemorrhoids and can be a manifestation of other diseases of the colon, including cancer. If you are worried about any of the listed symptoms, for example, bleeding from the rectum, this does not mean that you need to go for suppositories for hemorrhoids, it means that you should see a doctor, and he will diagnose.

- You should go to the proctologist when blood appears on toilet paper after the act of defecation; with difficulty in the act of defecation (pain in the anus), with pain in the anus while sitting, the specialist recommends. The symptoms of hemorrhoids are varied, but they can be managed. The main thing is to find the right medicine.