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The sun sets on a beautiful spring day, and Alyssa Bounty and Vince Karter must return home. In a furious, intense anal sex frolic, they let go of their pent-up lust.
One of the most crucial anal sex suggestions I can provide you is to use lube: it’s nearly always required for pain-free anal. However, not all lubricant is created equal; there are four varieties, and choosing the appropriate one is crucial to your enjoyment.
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Water-based lubricant, as you might expect, is largely comprised of water. This makes it suitable for anal intercourse, although it isn’t without flaws. Water-based lubricant has the disadvantage of drying fast and requiring reapplication. Obviously, stopping to reapply lubrication might ruin the mood. Latex condoms may be used with water-based lubes since they are not degraded.