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Here are some more suggestions that might be useful: You stated that you feel bad when you think about having sex. It could be able to assist you in determining why that is. Try jotting down your thoughts on the subject. Do you have any religious or moral views that say you should put off having sex until later? Do you feel bad about dating girls because you’re new at it? Do you keep your relationship a secret from your friends and family? The answers to these questions may reveal more about what’s going on in your mind and heart, as well as assist you in deciding what to do.
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It appears that you and your girlfriend have already discussed the possibility of having sex. That’s a great thing to do before getting caught up in the moment, especially so you’re prepared with all you’ll need to practice safer sex. But, before you start having sex, talk to her about how you feel about your lack of sex experience. You’ll most likely discover that she doesn’t mind and still wants to be with you. But, in either case, there’s no better way to become closer to someone than to be completely honest and transparent about your feelings. It’s even more enjoyable than sex.